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Prices and where we are...

Whether you are considering Soft Tissue Therapy, Sports or Remedial Massage, or just a massage, you can book an appointment to best suit your needs and requirements, whether it is a one off, or as part of a treatment plan and pack of treatments.

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Where to finds us and when

The Kingley Centre

 Downs Road, West Stoke, 

Chichester, PO18 9HJ


Open Mondays - Saturdays  - Click on the Book Now page to find an appointment to suit you

Can't find an appointment to suit your timetable?

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60 minutes - Muscle Maintenance Treatment   £50.00
Using remedial and deep tissue massage and soft-tissue therapies to maintain good overall muscle health

60 minutes - Injury or Rehabilitation Treatment   £50.00

Targeting any injury, pain, or chronic problems with consultation, postural assessment, and soft tissue therapy  - treatment, with a rehabilitation exercise program where appropriate

60 minutes - TMJ Full Body Approach   £50.00

A soft tissue approach working on the whole body to help applicate symptoms of TMJ disfunction

60 minutes - I just want a massage £50.00

A deep tissue and remedial massage

60 minutes - Hot Stones Massage  £60.00 

This is a relaxing and enjoyable alternative. Ideal for post event or if you enjoy the feeling of warmth in conjunction with deep tissue massage

Multi Treatment Pack (5 x 60-minute treatments) £220.00

Can be used individually or shared with a friend or loved one

Mini Pack (3 x 60-minute treatments) £135.00

Three treatments for one person at a discounted rate

We have cork balls for TMJ relief, spiky balls and peanuts for self massage and exercise bands of sale at a nominal price to help you successfully complete your rehabilitation exercises if you need them. Just ask when you come in.

We hope that you come away from your treatment feeling happy with your experience with us, as we are committed to helping you improve your health and performance and being pain free.

We appreciate positive reviews on Google, Facebook  and Instagram as it really helps our visibility as a small business.  Recommendations to friends and family are gratefully received.

If however you do have any concerns, please speak to us as soon as possible and give us the opportunity to address any queries. We genuinely want to ensure that you get the best out of your treatment. 



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