Do the things you love, better and more often with sports massage


Form and Function

Whether you're a top athlete, a weekend warrior, or suffering from the stresses and strains of everyday life, form and function is key.

Sport and remedial massage is an appropriate treatment for anyone looking to improve their posture and movement.

The remedial effects of deep tissue massage are beneficial for:

  • as a health benefit for the stresses and strains of everyday life.

  • post-surgery

  • alongside other therapies including physiotherapy, osteopath or chiropractic


Massage can be used as a regular part of any training program. It can help you to enhance your performance, aid with recovery after training sessions, and prepare you for further activity.

Everyday life

For everyday aches and pains, our treatment programs will help identify postural and muscular imbalances and help rectify these.


We will also offer you guidance with exercise and stretching to help you move towards being pain-free and happier, healthier people.

"Thank you Martin for your assistance in helping me cope with my stressful job, the massage and postural advice have made a real difference" - Clive